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1 workshop - 2 hours

CXO Workshop

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About CXO Workshop

Unifying IT and Business Vision

Discover transformative strategies in our "Strategic Alignment Workshop," a 2-hour session led by expert Jessica Carroll, aimed at synchronizing your IT and business objectives. Gain actionable insights with an "Executive Ready Report" to bolster internal initiatives, requiring no prep—just your team's presence. Experience a blend of fun and function, leaving with tangible value that propels your business forward.

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CXO & Workshop Facilitator

Meet Jessica Carroll

Jessica Carroll
Jessica Carroll

CXO Adler Advisors

Renowned Tech Leader

We are thrilled to introduce Jessica Carroll, a dynamic and experienced technology leader, as the facilitator of our exclusive CXO Workshop. Jessica's journey in the tech world is nothing short of inspiring, blending deep technical expertise with a keen understanding of business strategy.

A Seasoned Expert in IT Leadership

With a rich history as a former Chief Information Officer (CIO), Jessica has walked in the shoes of IT leadership. Her experience in this role equips her with a profound understanding of the challenges and opportunities that technology leaders face today.

Bridging Technology with Business Success

Currently serving as a Chief Experience Officer (CXO), Jessica's core focus is on harnessing technology to drive business success. Her strategic approach centers on integrating IT initiatives with business goals, ensuring that technology serves as a key enabler rather than just a support function.

Adler Advisors

Meet The Team

Meet the dedicated team at Adler Advisors, a group that has successfully completed over 2,500 projects across North America in the last 12 years. Their expertise has consistently led to significant cost reductions and time savings for clients, averaging a 37% cost reduction and countless hours saved per project. Adler Advisors is well-recognized as a trusted partner for over 200 UCaaS, Contact Center, Cloud, and Network providers, powered by Sandler Partners. This team's commitment and proven track record make them stand out in the field of technology consulting.

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Alex McBrateny

Chief Revenue Officer

Dustin Riedel

Chief Executive Officer

Robert Field

Chief Information Officer

Jessica Carroll

Chief Experience Officer

Interactive Workshop

Unlocking Potential: A Workshop for IT Leaders

Join an exclusive circle of thought leaders in an interactive workshop that empowers you to redefine the essence of innovation in business. This session is a nexus of inspiration and strategic foresight, tailored for decision-makers.

  • Strategic Visioning:
    Harness forward-thinking insights to sculpt your business' future.
  • Actionable Insights:
    Leave with a "Dynamic Playbook," offering practical steps to maintain the momentum back at the office.
  • Actionable Outcomes:
    Leave with a concrete action plan to implement transformative business solutions.
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9:50 am to 10:00 amBreak
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